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Chuck Nobles

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration: Advertising Management and University Honors


Business Administration


Advertising agencies -- Effect of technological innovations on, Advertising -- Technological innovations




My goal for this thesis is not to simply gain total knowledge in one specific area of advertising, but to create an accurate perspective of the advertising ecosystem and all the businesses and people that interact with or depend on it, as it exists today. I will go in depth on all the aspects of the "advertising ecosystem" later in this paper. I am using this terminology as an overarching term for all businesses that rely or drive any form of work related to advertising. These businesses can range from the advertising firm itself to the catering business that supplies sandwiches for a Nike photo-shoot. I came to my topic by researching trends in the advertising ecosystem that have come about with the increased use of the Internet and technology in business. Almost everyone can not only advertise for themselves, but can also have access to a multitude of analytic tools that would previously have only been available to advertising and marketing professionals. There are a growing number of firms who use social media and low-cost creative departments, and whose success now threatens the larger advertising agencies. Because only a relatively few brands and companies have the funds to access larger more traditional firms, more small and micro businesses are turning to the only alternatives most of them can afford. For clarification, the traditional advertising firm is an all in-house firm that deals with every aspect of the advertising process from the PR to coupon development and media buying. These traditional firms are priced in one of three ways that I will explain further in my thesis. These firms tend to be more costly than most brands can afford. As I will discuss, the growing importance of small advertising firms has had reverberating effects on not only the industry but also the employees of the firms in question. Technology and the evolving tools of the Internet have allowed many brands and companies to reconsider the need for the traditional advertising agency, and has allowed for the growth of more non-traditional advertising shops.


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