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Miranda Cunningham

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Child and Family Studies and University Honors


Child and Family Studies


Forensic nursing -- Study and teaching, Vocabulary, Discrimination in medical care




This study assesses the SANE program training for the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force to identify gaps that fail to address bias, causing SANE nurses to provide less-effective care to people who have experienced interpersonal violence. This thesis will address a particular question: How does the SANE nursing curriculum address bias? When reviewing the literature, it is clear that both biases and gaps in SANE training negatively affect survivors experiences. In order to address both biases and gaps, I conducted an initial read read-through of the curriculum text. Next, I made memos on notecards of the key words, phrases, and language used. I then categorized the memos into patterns that I had seen in the curriculum. I found that the term “survivor” was used when focusing on a positive aspect of the person who had experienced interpersonal violence or their experience, and that the term“victim” was used when referring to a negative aspect of their experience, or when talking about them in relationship to the assailant. “Patient” is used when talking about the person medically or when referring to the nurse’s relationship with the person. I also found that existing literature subscribes to this same language pattern. I found that there are certain parts of the curriculum that address bias, and there are other parts that perpetuate bias. My research is intended to begin a conversation around language and the implicit or explicit meaning that it holds, and how this meaning influences the work that we do with people who have experienced interpersonal violence.


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