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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Child and Family Studies and University Honors


Child and Family Studies

First Advisor

Erin Elizabeth Flynn


Education -- Study and teaching, Google Apps, Elementary school teaching -- Computer-assisted instruction, Chromebook (Computer), Educational technology -- Study and teaching (Elementary School)




Current research in the field of educational technology operates under the assumption that one to one student to technology use in classroom has the capacity to increase student achievement while placing responsibility on teachers to actualize this aim. However, qualitative research is needed that illustrates real teachers’ integration of technology in their classrooms. Thus, this research employs participant-observer, case study methodology to answer the question: How is one teacher utilizing Chromebooks at a 1:1 student to device ratio in accordance with her own personal pedagogical beliefs? This research found that the participant teacher utilized Chromebooks, and specifically the sites Khan Academy, DreamBox, Bookshelf, Google Classroom and Seesaw, in order to actualize her pedagogical belief of differentiation. This research ultimately makes the case that educational technology research should be descriptive of the way that current teachers are utilizing technology in accordance with pedagogical beliefs before it attempts to be evaluative of teacher success with technology integration.

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