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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Architecture and University Honors



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Jeff Schnabel


Library buildings -- Design and construction, Library architecture -- Social aspects, Library buildings -- Design and construction, Library architecture -- Psychological aspects




As newly constructed and renovated public libraries are designed to support a diverse interactive base, physical and digital information interfaces provide opportunities to explore their influence on increasingly responsive and transparent spaces. The internal, and to an extent, the external spaces of a library can be designed to respond to user needs while stimulating a combination of visual, intellectual, and social experiences . This paper presents a taxonomy on the present and possible futures of public library design through three lenses that focus on the library as a type of social environment, the visual and physical relationships between levels of public space, and the access to spatial fields of flexible interactivity . The libraries selected in this study represent distinctive responses to the planes in which they are constructed. This places interpretation of central or neighborhood library counterparts in terms of: (a) position in urban plexus and (b) engagement of public through the visualization of a social institution.

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