Rural Ready

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration: Management and Leadership and University Honors


Business Administration

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David Gerbing


Student exchange programs -- Oregon, Exchange of persons programs, American, Rural youth -- Education -- Oregon, Urban youth -- Education -- Oregon, Multicultural education -- Oregon




Rural Ready is a domestic exchange student recruitment program to bring western Oregon students into eastern Oregon schools and communities. The desired impact is an immersive cultural exchange resulting in a deeper understanding and diplomacy across the divide while stabilizing school funding and increased diversity to the benefit of the host schools and host communities. This domestic exchange program will fill in the gaps for each of the ten eastern Oregon school districts with small rural schools who are eager to develop domestic exchange student programs or who need to transition from foreign to domestic exchange student hosting. These gaps range from the minimum of student recruitment to existing school dorms to the maximum of the establishment and administration of a host family domestic exchange program.

Rural Ready is designed to serve the students, the school districts, and the communities. While the designing of this program is in collaboration with 4-H, it is yet to be determined whether the program should be a non-profit with 4-H as a fiscal sponsor and partner or if the program should be a 4-H program. These two options will be evaluated in coming meetings. This Senior Thesis is the creation of the presentation intended for 4-H.

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