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David Cadiz

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration: Human Resources Management and University Honors


Business Administration


Employee orientation, Employee retention, Small business -- Personnel management




Employee turnover is a costly and common issue in the modern US workforce. As American worker engagement remains stagnant, employers must look at ways to ensure maximum employee retention. Onboarding is a universal process that all employees undergo when joining a business, as well as an effective way to manage turnover and ensure that employee remains at the company longer. With a lack of academic literature based on onboarding methods tailored to small businesses, there is a clear need for managers to be able to access the same quality of information as their larger competitors. Using a literature review and an analysis of current business practices, this paper serves as a resource for small businesses looking to better understand the costs and benefits of various onboarding strategies so they can develop an optimal onboarding strategy for themselves.

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