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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication Studies and University Honors



First Advisor

Lauren Frank


Values, Intergenerational relations, Individualism, Collectivism, Social values




This study explored the way in which culture impacts value transmission between parents and children. Specifically, I used previous literature to inform the defining of individualism and collectivism and how value transmission allows for these cultures to be preserved through the generations. Transmission of values was analyzed by conducting six semi-structured, in-depth interviews which resulted in findings that built on previous literature. I found that the values that the participants held came from cultural, parental and religious influences. Collectivist participants more consistently identified with maintaining similar values as their parents into adulthood while individualist participants reported more autonomous tendencies in value selection. Additionally, religion emerged as a common theme, and I found that individualist participants exhibited some collectivist value tendencies due to religion. These findings allow us to determine whether our values originate from culture, religion or other influences. More importantly, the findings serve as a guide for parents across all cultures who intentionally seek to instill good values in their children.

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