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Corey Griffin

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Architecture and University Honors




College buildings -- Heating and ventilation -- Case studies, Indoor air quality -- Case studies, Ventilation, Architecture and energy conservation, Portland State University




Housing classrooms and office space for a school of business, the recently renovated and expanded the Karl Miller Center at Portland State University utilizes mixed-mode ventilation, a combination of natural and mechanical ventilation. The mixed-mode ventilation system present within the Karl Miller center is classified as a zoned system, where mechanical and natural ventilation are working in some parts of the building individually and in combination in other parts. In the newly constructed north wing, an HVAC system has been omitted and natural ventilation system employed through the use of: operable windows, ceiling fans, interior below-sill heaters, and exhaust vents. The purpose of this study is to examine and evaluate the ability of the classrooms within this zone to provide thermal comfort. Data for this indoor environmental quality (IEQ) study includes post occupancy surveys and interior air temperature, humidity, and CO2 data collected between October and December of 2017.


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