Date of Award


Document Type

Closed Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Liberal Studies and University Honors


Liberal Studies

First Advisor

Vicki Reitenauer


College students -- Personal narratives, Poetry




She Calls Me Blue is a poetic manuscript that explores the making of story within story itself. Following guiding motifs of identity, homeplace, and dependence, the narrative is additionally concerned with the politics of knowledge – the distance between what is known and what is lived. How may we speak to that which is still-forming, and ever-changing, and not yet fully understood or accurately remembered? Told in a series of pieces that blend poetry and prose, the narrative is untethered to chronology, a singular point of view, or uniform spacing, but rather unfolds and enfolds on itself, a way of telling and untelling in circles, utilizing all available components –those visible and unseen. The collection seeks to directly ask its own questions through a metanarrative that unveils the conscience of the author and the intimacies of writing in an unsettled way. Together the narrative and its metacommentary explore these intersections of mind, heart, and hand to consider both the prospects and limits of the page.


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