Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Social Science and University Honors


Social Science

First Advisor

Lisa H. Weasel


Sexual minorities, Vegans, Identity (Philosophical concept), Young adults




Queerness and veganism are two historically contested social locations that have become more mainstreamed in recent years. This thesis seeks to explore how queer vegans have experienced and utilized these identities to resist normativity. The open ended research question that guided this project was “how do young adult, queer vegans experience connections and disconnections between their queerness and their veganism?” Six semistructured interviews with young adults between the ages of nineteen and twenty-four who self-identify as both queer and vegan were conducted for this project. The interviews were analyzed using queer and feminist frameworks and ultimately aligned with existing theory to find that queer vegans experience a sort of “shared deviance” between these two parallel identities. I argue that queer vegans in particular use their queerness to disrupt normativity within mainstream veganism, and their veganism to disrupt normative notions of gender and sexuality, and more specifically, heteronormativity.

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