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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science and University Honors


Computer Science

First Advisor

Ellie Harmon


Control (Psychology), Context-aware computing, Human-computer interaction, Telecommuting, Electronic monitoring in the workplace -- Moral and ethical aspects




As virtual platforms become more popular and grow larger the use of behavior control tools to aid in management becomes more common. In this paper I evaluate the effectiveness and ethicalness of behavior control tools, specifically the tools implemented by Uber and Upwork are assessed. These tools include “awareness systems” which are pieces of software that monitor work behavior with tools such as video recording and key logging. I create Frameworks for what is an ethical and what is an effective control tool and use them to evaluate both platforms. Next I do two Case studies on the platforms to show what behavior control mechanisms are used and how. Uber failed to meet a majority of both effective and ethical criteria standards. Upwork saw slightly better results reaching half of the effective criteria standards, but also did not meet a majority of the ethical criteria standards. Lastly I discuss ways to improve worker rights and privacy such as unionization and passing of laws and regulations.

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