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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Criminology and Criminal Justice and University Honors


Criminology and Criminal Justice

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Aaron Roussell


Wearable video devices in police work, Police-community relations, Community policing




Officer body-worn cameras, or BWCs, are an evolving technology impacting policing. The technology is quickly being implemented by police departments across the United States to increase transparency in police-public interactions and also to provide a more accurate account of what happened in a given incident. This technology has been of particular interest in the wake of high profile lethal force incidents in the United States; multiple studies over the time period of 2014-2018 have examined whether BWCs can reduce use of force incidents by law enforcement officers. Research conducted on BWCs in the United States present mixed findings: BWCs demonstrate the ability to lower both use of force incident rates and complaints against law enforcement officers, and also have significant monetary costs and privacy risks, especially if improperly implemented. The significant costs, benefits, and risks associated with the technology account for why BWCs will always be a controversial issue and why the technology will always have its supporters and critics.

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