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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Sociology and University Honors



First Advisor

Emily Fitzgibbons Shafer


Postpartum depression, Fatherhood -- Psychological aspects, Motherhood -- Psychological aspects, Relationship quality




By looking at paternal depression one year after childbirth using the year one data of the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Survey (FFCWS), I aim to understand whether maternal postpartum depression is significantly related to the development of paternal postpartum depression. Additionally, I aim to understand whether sociodemographic variables and relationship variables alter the statistical relationship between maternal and paternal postpartum depression. Initially, when examined alone, maternal depression is significantly related to paternal depression (p<0.05). However, once relationship variables were included as control variables in the model, the relationship between maternal depression and paternal depression became statistically insignificant. I recoded data from the FFCWS dataset and conducted statistical analysis of these variables using binomial logistic regressions in SPSS. This study contributes to the discourse surrounding paternal postpartum depression and what variables are most influential in its development. Implications of this study include finding effective interventions on an interpersonal and clinical level, as well as a larger sociocultural level to mitigate the consequences of postpartum depression on families.

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