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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International & Global Studies: International Development and University Honors


International and Global Studies

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Amanda Smith Byron


Community development, Hazard mitigation, Emergency management, Disasters -- Social aspects, Social networks, Community leadership




When humanitarian or natural disasters devastate an area, the surrounding communities become an integral factor in the probability of recovery for that area and are powerful stakeholders in shaping the quality of practice to heal and rebuild. The first response that civilians receive after weathering communal trauma is through the personal networks and community connections that citizens have built their lives within. In the wake of natural or humanitarian disasters, community values are affected by the recovery processes taking place. Understanding patterns of change within the values of communities that have experienced disaster uncovers the importance of incorporating psychological, biological, social, and spiritual development when engaging in community development. By integrating the necessity of these domains into the practice of community building and disaster response, resilient communities can flourish and are empowered to rebuild and heal by way of their own connections and internal resources.

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