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Christopher Carey

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Criminology and Criminal Justice and University Honors


Criminology and Criminal Justice


Firearms -- Law and legislation -- United States, Criminal statistics -- United States, Concealed carry of firearms, Firearms and crime, Firearms ownership, Gun control




This thesis takes an exploratory look at shall issue and may issue concealed carry laws using a comparative study with a sample of may issue states and shall issue states. The comparison is done over 3 sections: general crime rate, location of incidents and victim relationship to the offender. While the study found some patterns significant within the data, the lack of sufficient sample size severely limits the weight of anything found. Within the data, however, the study found a possible relationship between shall issue states and a higher percentage of romantic partner offenders, and a higher percentage of offenses in shops in stores. The study also found a potential relationship between may issue states and a higher percentage of offenders who were strangers to the victim and a higher percentage of incidents out in the street or alleys or inside a house/domicile.


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