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Bradley Buckley

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Science and University Honors




Water -- Fluoridation -- Health aspects, Fluorides -- Physiological effect, Fluorides -- Toxicology, Fluorosis




This thesis is a literature review of water fluoridation on the human health. As it compares many different articles about the advantages and disadvantages of having fluoride in water, and its effects on health. The thesis dives into many key points that supports the idea of fluoridated water. Such as a background information of what fluoride is, fluoride in different components like toothpaste, a general idea of what water fluoridation is, and findings that were found during the literature review. The findings include dental fluorosis, fluoride toxicity, fluoride’s effect on the pineal gland and other organs, experiments conducted via fluoride, and the distribution of fluoridated water across the United States.

Water fluoridation has been one of the greatest debates many of the states in the US are facing. Which is due to the consistent fluctuation of the amount of fluoride in waters of many cities in the US. Where some cities within the states stopped water fluoridation, some decreased the amount of fluoride in their water, and some kept it as it is. There are many benefits towards fluoridated water that includes oral health. However, there are also many disadvantages of fluoridated water, it can affect parts of the brain and the organs of the body in negative ways.

By examining both the advantages and the disadvantages of having fluoridated water and comparing two similar states’ oral health and overall body health, through literature reviews, it is concluded that water fluoridation at a small amount is beneficial and should be set to an optimal level of 0.7mg of fluoride for every liter of water.


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