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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Social Work and University Honors


Social Work

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Karen Moorhead


Foreign study -- Psychological aspects, American students -- Foreign countries, College students -- Mental health




Research within the field of study abroad with a focus on college students within the United States with a mental illness has shown a need for an inclusive and equitable approach to the mental health screening and incorporating a collaborative process between the student, faculty leading the Short-Term Faculty-Led program and resource centers. This paper has incorporated findings as well as identified areas of improvements and new collaborative and trauma informed approaches that can be incorporated into study abroad programs. This entails students being informed of their rights to privacy, explanation of the process before self disclosure of their mental illness and/or symptoms; collaboration with resource centers on campus, and providing students the choice to collaborate with providers to create a care plan and create accommodations to implement while abroad. The importance of this research is to provide a rich cultural and educational study abroad experience and best support students with a mental illness studying abroad.

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