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Mark L. Berrettini

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Film and University Honors






Rape -- Drama, Criminals -- Drama, Dystopian plays




The following document is a working copy of an untitled fictional screenplay in which the story and characters are the original work of Lora A. Herman.

In 2082 North America, the United States no longer exists as a governing entity. The vast majority of the landscape that once comprised the USA is unlivable due to irreparable advances in climate change -- flood, fire, freeze, and drought.

The remaining society has restructured itself to focus less on controlling its population and their free will, and to instead focus on maintaining the integrity of and resources for the man-made contained communities that allow them to continue living a somewhat normal life.

Prior to this point in time, criminals have lost all of their human rights and therefore do not initially benefit from the new society's encouragement of free will. Criminals are made to live in urbanized areas -- areas that are nearly unlivable due to climate change -- either exposed to the elements or in hiding underground. They exist with little to no governance, just like those living in the communities outside of the city.

As the new society progresses, they decide to reintegrate criminals of reproductive age into their communities in order to enhance the likelihood of population regeneration. For a criminal to become a member of society with free will, they must be "claimed" by a non-criminal.

This screenplay follows the story of "The Man", a criminal who is admitted into the reintegration program.


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