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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Women's Studies and University Honors


Women's Studies

First Advisor

Vicki Reitenauer


Forced migration -- Effect on immigrants' mental health, Latin Americans -- United States, Critical race theory, Mexican-American Border Region -- Political aspects




Although much of the literature surrounding forced migration establishes the relationship in between mental distress and the process of forced migration, there is a gap in the literature which specifically illuminates the direct relationship undocumentation has to mental health and that shows mental health is a significant aspect of the “undocumented experience”. My research questions grapple with the way Latin American migrant groups within the United States have been impacted by undocumentation as I illuminate this direct relationship. I narrow my research to a literature review and a feminist media analysis as I pose the two questions: 1) How has migrant disposability allowed the United States to absolve itself over responsibility in the ongoing Latin American migrant crisis? and 2) How are migrant disposability and resilience presented in the documentary narratives of Undocumented Latin Americans? Key theoretical issues that my research questions contend with are critical race theory, border politics, and state violence. These frameworks allow me to call urgency to an intersection that is often under-prioritized in feminist studies: citizenship and undocumentation. I hope to build on feminist epistemology by filling the gap of missing stories and silenced voices of undocumented Latin American forced migrants residing in the U.S.

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