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Alberto McKelligan Hernandez

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Art History and University Honors


Art History


Performance art, Art -- History -- Methodology, Performance artists, Alina Troyano -- Criticism and interpretation




This essay analyzes performance artist Alina Troyano, aka “Carmelita Tropicana” and her performance With What Ass Does a Cockroach Sit?/¿ Con Qué Culo Se Sienta la Cucaracha? as a primary case study to show how art historians can study performance artists that defy artistic convention by having non-traditional by-products after their performances, who are more literary in nature, and therefore exist in a liminal space in the academic study of the arts. Due to that, this essay also explores the grey area of performance art in relation to performance studies and art history, and makes a clear stand to base this analysis in art historical methods such as formal analysis, even when other interdisciplinary resources and frameworks are used in order to aid in a deeper understanding of the work.


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