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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration: Supply and Logistics Management and University Honors


Business Administration

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Emma Stocker


Portland State University -- Crisis management, Portland State University -- Disaster planning, Portland State University -- Emergency management, Strategic planning




This paper examines a case study following the development of business continuity plans at Portland State University (PSU). The PSU business continuity planning team explored a new theory of Adaptive Business Continuity and evaluated its usefulness in an academic service industry. The business continuity project team set out to answer these critical questions: ‘Could the Adaptive Business Continuity Theory work for PSU? Was it up to the challenge of many departments with varied regulations, rhythms and stakeholders? Could the Adaptive Business Continuity Theory be implemented by a limited emergency management staff? Would there be enough buy-in from the PSU department subject matter experts to produce a workable business continuity plan?’ The results supported the use of Adaptive Business Continuity Theory at PSU, with a wider range of benefits then expected.

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