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Brenda Glascott

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Liberal Studies and University Honors


Liberal Studies




H. P. (H. Paul) Grice. Logic and conversation, Conversation analysis, Speech acts (Linguistics), Frames (Linguistics), Language and languages -- Philosophy




The following paper covers an interdisciplinary examination and re-conceptualization of philosopher H.P. Grice's Logic and Conversation. By way of interdisciplinary analysis and theory building, this paper breaks down Grice's philosophical understandings of conversational pragmatics as well as significant components of speech act theory, as put forth by philosopher J. L. Austin and revisited by J. R. Searle, and interactive frame theory as understood in sociocultural linguistic anthropology by Deborah Tannen and Cynthia Wallat. It interrogates shortcomings of Grice’s understanding of conversation and draws from speech act and frame theory to fill these shortcomings and expand on Grice's original work. The result is a new, interdisciplinary method of conversational analysis which accounts for the performativity of conversational contributions and the dynamics of the contextual knowledge which shapes the dexterity of participants in an interaction. This new method of understanding may be applied to discourse analysis settings in a variety of areas of study. Additionally, it may be used to examine how specific facets of language function in conversational context (i.e. gender or race), and may be applied to arenas of interaction outside of verbal conversation.


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