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Homelessness -- Oregon -- Portland, Homelessness -- Government policy -- Oregon


A national study done to collect data on homelessness rates in universities says that between 11% - 14% of students are experiencing homelessness. A study has not been done on specific data at PSU, however, there are students and staff experiencing homelessness at PSU, and some of those individuals are sleeping in their vehicles. Some of the individuals living in their vehicles purchase quarterly parking passes for the PSU parking garages. These individuals would benefit from a Safe Parking Program. There are existing infrastructures, systems and services that could be made available or utilized immediately. The purpose of this proposal is to map those existing infrastructures, systems and services to use as a document to suggest the feasibility of a Safe Parking Pilot Program at PSU. PSU is a unique place to embark on a project of this nature, it has more or different flexibilities of codes, allowances, uses of buildings, and accesses than city systems might have. Parking Structure 2 (PS2) is an ideal site to launch the SPPP - PSU. PS2’s roof level parking is at the same elevation as the KMC - USB skybridge. The external entry of USB can be either from this skybridge, or from the southern exterior stairwell of the USB. The southern entry leads to a corridor consisting of 2 restrooms and the office of Advising and Career Services. From the entry from the skybridge, passing through the hallway there is an exit that opens to the top level of PS2. The office can be locked and the restrooms and entry / exits can remain open for use by Safe Parking Program participants only. Card access can enable utilization of restrooms for the participants, without causing any security issues for the building.


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