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Table of Content:

  • Introduction, Charles Kurzman
  • An Interview with Dr. Y. Tzvi Langermann on Islamic Studies and Islam in Israel by Tugrul Keskin and Najm al-Din Yousefi
  • The Islamicity of Different Interpretations of ḤIJĀB by Rachel Woodlock
  • Representation of Islam and Muslims by the British Government Between 2001 and 2007 by Leon Moosavi
  • Scholarly Research in the Madrassa: A Brief Overview by Maulana Waris Mazhari (Translated by Yoginder Sikand)
  • Shah Mahmoud Hanifi’s lecture on the US Foreign Policy and Afghanistan: The Colonial Market for Afghan Languages by Lindsay N. Meath
  • A New Book: The Clash of Modernities: The Islamist Challenge and the Making and Unmaking of the "New" Jew, Arab, and Turk by Khaldoun Samman

Publication Date

Summer 2009


International and Area Studies | Sociology


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Sociology of Islam & Muslim Societies, Newsletter No. 4