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Table of Contents:

  • Neo-Orientalism and Co-Optation in American Academia by Tugrul Keskin and Reed Taylor
  • Islam and Identity among Uyghurs by Mettursun Beydulla
  • Islamism Between the Political Dialectic and the Societal Reality by Abdennour Toumi
  • Islam in Politics, not Islamic Politics by Shane Joshua Barter
  • Taming The Tigers: Gender Relations and The Cultural Geneaology of Neocolonialism in Afghanistan by Nathaniel A. Davis
  • Women, Islam, and Gender Inequality in post-conflict Aceh, Indonesia by Reed Taylor
  • A Dissenting Voice on Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law by Yoginder Sikand
  • A Book Review: The Afghanistan Challenge: Hard Realities and Strategic Choices by Fatemeh Shayan
  • A Book Review: Nader Hashemi’s Islam, Secularism & Liberal Democracy by Sheena Sharma

Publication Date

Winter 2011


International and Area Studies | Sociology


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