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COVID-19 (Disease), Multicultural education, Cultural pluralism -- Education (Higher), Education -- Study and teaching, Critical pedagogy, Privilege (Social psychology), Racism in education, Holistic education, Sustainable development -- Study and teaching


Going into 2020, our world was already facing a multitude of crises to be critically concerned about, such as climate change, growing income inequality, and normalized political exploitation of the vulnerable. All of this is occurring in the age of information which makes for a quick descent into despair, as the scary news fills up our screens. Due to shelter in place orders, many individuals are stuck at home, alone, without a job, and bombarded with news of the carnage and chaos. Collectively, our psyches are experiencing a magnitude of trauma. A sustainable leader who radiates the radical compassion needed to fuel community resilience must unlearn a multitude of societal norms which create societal trauma. By practicing the recognition of the abundance in generosity and connection that surrounds us, we are engaging in a healing practice. As our society navigates the traumatic levels of fear and despair of a global pandemic amidst the ecological crisis, sustainable leaders are invited to propagate abundance by engaging in healing expressions of Divine Interbeing. To share these moments of awe is to transcend toward a deeper connection. I have felt profound big Wonder as I consider this pandemic as an expression of Gaia’s health― an outcry of the oppressed so to coerce our collective consciousness to consider the possibilities of a more beautiful tomorrow. This crisis calls for a collective reset; this lockdown serves as a cocoon, and this paper invites you.

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