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Cellular immunity, Cancer vaccines -- Development, Biomedical materials, Vaccines -- Biotechnology


To meet the growing need for nanoengineered biocompatible materials to serve as drug delivery platforms, in this research, carbon nanotube arrays were fabricated by chemical vapor deposition, followed by an alumina coating by the high yielding, tightly controlled atomic layer deposition. This nanoengineered vertically aligned alumina nanowire array serves as a platform for delivering antigens, which act as cancer adjuvants. The physicochemical characteristics of the nanowires (NWs) can significantly influence the delivery of a biomolecule to immune cells. To investigate the material characteristics, the delivery efficiency of the antigen using NWs was quantitatively assessed by flow cytometry. Further, the mechanism through which the NWS deliver the antigen and trigger cellular pathways was investigated using various fluorophores and imaged with confocal microscopy.


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