PSU McNair Scholars Online Journal


Sisters in Action for Power, youth-adult partnerships (Y-APs), activism, girl-led, popular education, civic engagement, social capital, voice, Black youth-led activism, narrative, girls of color, women of color


“Sisters in Action for Power: How Youth-adult Partnerships and Popular Education can Facilitate Girl-led Community Organizing for Equity and Justice” examines how grassroots community organizing has impacted women of color in Portland, Oregon. Using a case study of the non-profit organization, Sisters in Action for Power, this paper addresses the question: how do women who were youth organizers with Sisters in Action relate to the broader significance and personal impact of the community organizing work they engaged in as youth? This paper offers three critical aspects of the practice of youth-adult partnerships at Sisters in Action: (1) civic engagement, (2) social capital, and (3) voice. My paper analyzes media coverage and in-depth interviews with women who were youth activists, and one adult facilitator with Sisters in Action. I do this to examine how girl-led, women of color-centered organizing through youth-adult partnerships and popular education infuse theories of radical political education into forming and deepening youth-adult partnerships.