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Journal of Renewable & Sustainable Energy

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Wind turbines -- Aerodynamics, Boundary layer (Aerodynamics), Anemometer, Velocity, Scaling laws (Statistical physics)


Wind tunnel measurements for a 3×3 canonical wind turbine array boundary layer are obtained using hot-wire anemometer velocity signals. Two downstream locations are considered, referring to the near- and far-wake, and 21 vertical points are acquired per profile. Velocity increments and exit distances are used to quantify inverse structure functions at both downstream locations. Inverse structure functions in the near-wake show a similar profile for the main vertical locations, but diverge as the moment is increased. In the far-wake, inverse structure functions converge toward a single function for all vertical location and moments. The scaling exponents for inverse structure functions are calculated directly and relatively, using extended self similarity. Scaling exponents show strong dependence on vertical position along the wind turbine profile in the near-wake and remain relatively constant in the farwake. Intermittency in the near-wake is indicated by the nonlinear behavior of the direct and relative scaling exponents when plotted against their respective moments


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