Assessed Interfacial Strength and Elastic Moduli of the Bonding Material From Shear-Off Test Data

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Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

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A simple and physically meaningful analytical stress model is developed in application to shear-off testing with an objective to evaluate the interfacial shearing stress in the bonding material from the measured shear off force. The model can be used also for the evaluation of the shear modulus of the bonding material, if the interfacial displacement is also measured. The general concept is illustrated by a numerical example. In the authors’ opinion, the suggested methodology, based on the concept of the interfacial compliance, suggested by the first author in his 1986 ASME J. Appl. Mech. paper, could become a basis for a new effective experimental method for assessing the interfacial shearing strength and elastic moduli of the bonding material in electronics. The methodology can be used particularly in application to the recently suggested sintered silver bonding materials to evaluate their bonding strength from the measured force-at-failure and shear modulus from the measured shearing force and displacement.



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