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Dynamic recrystallization -- Data analysis, Heat resistant alloys, Alloys -- Mechanical properties, Metals -- Hot working, Microstructure of high temperature materials


This article presents the datasets gathered for the hot processing of three Ni-based superalloys intended for A-USC application, Haynes 214, Haynes 230 and Inconel 740H. Isothermal compression tests were conducted with a Gleeble 3500 at temperatures between 1000 C and 1200 C and strain rates between 0.01/s and 1/s to a full true strain of 0.7. The obtained true stress-true strain curves were used as basis for hot processing maps, linking temperature, stress and strain rate. Subsequently, all samples were sectioned through the geometric centre to provide microstructural information, captured using EBSD, as well as EDX for the evolution of secondary phases. Thermodynamic modelling was performed to validate compositions and mass fraction data from EDX measurements. These combined datasets help in understanding the deformation behaviour of a selected range of superalloys, under commercial processing conditions, aiding in process design optimizations and improvements. For complete interpretation of the data the reader should refer to the related publication “Comparative study of the hot processing behavior in advanced Ni-based superalloys for use in A-USC applications”.


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