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Non-Conductive Adhesives


Electronic packaging has been developed with high resolution and fine interconnection pitches. Non-conductive adhesives (NCAs) have been growing with the increase of I/O pad count and density, along with fine pad bond pitch interconnections. Prediction and optimization of NCA characteristics are inherently complicated due to various and extensive materials composing NCAs. In this study, a framework predicting the curing time and shear strength of an NCA is established by a neural network model. NCA formulations with 4 resins, 3 hardeners, 8 catalysts, and a coupling agent were selected from in-house experiments, and an artificial neural network (ANN) with one dense layer with 3 nodes was trained using 65 data points. Model accuracy was improved by 28.9–35.2% compared with the reference, and the trained model was also verified through third-party reference data. Prediction of NCA properties and optimization of NCA formulations for mass production were demonstrated by using the trained ANN model. This paper provides a framework for ANN-based NCA design and confirmed the feasibility of ANN modeling, even with a small dataset.


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