Wave-Phase Dependence of Reynolds Shear Stress in the Wake of Fixed-Bottom Offshore Wind Turbine via Quadrant Analysis

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Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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There has been an increase in recognition of the important role that the boundary layer turbulent flow structure has on wake recovery and concomitant wind farm efficiency. Most research thus far has focused on onshore wind farms, in which the ground surface is static. With the expected growth of offshore wind farms, there is increased interest in turbulent flow structures above wavy, moving surfaces and their effects on offshore wind farms. In this study, experiments are performed to analyze the turbulent structure above the waves in the wake of a fixed-bottom model wind farm, with special emphasis on the conditional averaged Reynolds stresses, using a quadrant analysis. Phase-averaged profiles show a correlation between the Reynolds shear stresses and the curvature of the waves. Using a quadrant analysis, Reynolds stress dependence on the wave phase is observed in the phase-dependent vertical position of the turbulence events. This trend is primarily seen in quadrants 1 and 3 (correlated outward and inward interactions). Quantification of the correlation between the Reynolds shear stress events and the surface waves provides insight into the turbulent flow mechanisms that influence wake recovery throughout the wake region and should be taken into consideration in wind turbine operation and placement.


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