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Technical Report

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Food supply -- United States, Sustainability -- Pacific Northwest, Sustainable agriculture


This assessment reveals food system sustainability trends in Oregon and Washington, focusing specifically on the producers in both states and the consumers in the Portland- Vancouver region. We began the assessment by asking a group of food system stakeholders from Oregon and Washington to define broadly supported goals for a sustainable food system. They also helped us identify the data necessary to understand trends in the food system. This information can be used in the future to establish benchmarks and to assess future progress toward food system sustainability goals. Framed by stakeholder concerns, this report will assist program and policy decision makers in prioritizing efforts to shape and strengthen the regional food system. This information is also a foundation for building new and unique partnerships among organizations in food system planning.


Final Report prepared for the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, Portland State University with funds from the Kaiser Permanente Community Health Initiative, the Food Innovation Center Experiment Station, and the Oregon State University Extension Service.

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