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Winter 2008


Social mobility -- Oregon -- Portland Metropolitan Area, Equality -- Oregon -- Portland Metropolitan Area, Regional economic disparities, Oregon -- Portland Metropolitan Area -- Social conditions


The American Dream is a story of opportunity and equity where anyone, regardless of station or starting point, can fulfill his or her potential. It promises that if you work hard and play by the rules, not only will your basic needs be met, but you can advance. Opportunity is about having a shot regardless of gender, race, or class, and equity is about fairness, not about sameness. Equity and opportunity play a pivotal role in the American Dream. Nationally, however, people seem to be working harder but falling behind. Opportunities to succeed are not equally available. What is the state While the American Dream is commonly understood to include equal access to opportunity and reward for effort, more specific attributes have come to include the desire for a home, a job that pays enough to support a family, upward mobility, a secure retirement, and opportunities for your children (the next generation) to succeed. How are we, in the metroscape, doing on those measures?

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