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Summer 2017


Bridges -- Portland Metropolitan Area -- History, Bridges -- Management, Bridges -- Oregon -- Funding


Bridges get us where we need to go. They also have character that contributes to a sense of place. Here we profile a selection of bridges in the Portland Metro area to understand the history and logistics of each bridge. When was the bridge built, how was it funded, who maintains it? The bridges we selected reflect the area’s wide variations in bridge style and management. Some of the bridges are county owned; others are run by a state or city transportation department. The bridges range in age, but all are inspected every twenty-four months. A bridge’s story offers important lessons as we consider the need for seismic retrofit and replacing aging structures. By grounding ourselves in a bridge’s past and present, we can spur ideas for addressing our future transportation needs.


A product of the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies at Portland State University.

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