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Winter 2002


Regional planning -- Oregon -- Portland Metropolitan Area, Urban planning, Cities and towns -- Growth -- Oregon


Focusing on Regional Centers and other places designated in 2040, this article is the first in a two part series discussing some of the key concepts of density and open space, inseparably intertwined with our understanding of the region's quality of life. The local implementation of these regional plans will be explored through discussions with local planners, developers , and neighborhood activists. Looking back five years to the visions expressed by the citizens of Clackamas , Multnomah, and Washington Counties in Metro's 2040 plans, how have Metro and local jurisdictions planned for density and open space? How has the market responded? How do today's citizens respond to the vision of 2040? And what does this discussion mean for the rest of the Metroscape?


Originally appeared in the Winter 2002 edition of Metroscape, published by the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, Portland State University.

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