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Applied Physics Letters

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Gallium compounds, Photovoltaic cells -- Design and construction, Biomimicry, Thin films -- Optical properties


We report an inexpensive yet scalable templating technique for fabricating moth-eye antireflection gratings on gallium antimonide substrates. Non-close-packed colloidal monolayers are utilized as etching masks to pattern subwavelength-structured nipple arrays on GaSb. The resulting gratings exhibit superior broadband antireflection properties and thermal stability than conventional multilayer dielectric coatings. The specular reflection of the templated nipple arrays match with the theoretical predictions using a rigorous coupled-wave analysis model. The effect of the nipple shape and size on the antireflection properties has also been investigated by the same model. These biomimetic coatings are of great technological importance in developing efficient thermophotovoltaic cells.


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