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Portland State University. Institute for Natural Resources, Endangered plants -- Oregon -- Databases, Oregon Natural Heritage Program, Biodiversity -- Oregon


The Oregon Biodiversity Information Center (ORBIC) is part of the Institute for Natural Resources (INR) located at Portland State University (PSU). ORBIC maintains extensive databases of Oregon biodiversity, concentrating on rare and endangered plants, animals and ecosystems. Since its creation in 1979 as the Oregon Natural Heritage Program, ORBIC has been part of the Natural Heritage network. ORBIC is a constituent member of NatureServe, a non-profit organization with a mission to provide the scientific basis for effective conservation action. NatureServe and Oregon manage data using standards and protocols used across the U.S., Canada, and much of Latin America.

ORBIC has a primary mission to track the distribution and status of all of Oregon’s flora and fauna, including all vertebrates and vascular plants, and as many invertebrates, fungi, and lichens as is possible. For species considered to be at-risk in Oregon or across the planet, location and population data is managed for all of the observations and occurrences in the state. These data, and the knowledge of the many professional and amateur biologists across the state, provide the basis of the status information in this book


With assistance from: U.S. Forest Service Bureau of Land Management U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service NatureServe OregonFlora at Oregon State University The Nature Conservancy Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Oregon Department of State Lands Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Oregon Department of Agriculture Native Plant Society of Oregon.

Additional files provide species lists and statuses by general species category in Excel format for vascular plants, nonvascular plants and fungi, invertebrate animals, and vertebrate animals. Summaries of changes to the invertebrate and vertebrate lists and plant and fungi recommendations are also provided in Excel files.

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2019-ORBIC-rte-inverts.xlsx (39 kB)
2019 ORBIC rare invertebrates list

2019-ORBIC-rte-nonvascs.xlsx (56 kB)
2019 ORBIC rare nonvascular plants list

2019-ORBIC-rte-vascs.xlsx (87 kB)
2019 ORBIC rare vascular plants list

2019-ORBIC-rte-verts.xlsx (38 kB)
2019 ORBIC rare vertebrates list

book_inverts_2019_changes.xlsx (60 kB)
2019 ORBIC summary of changes to rare invertebrates list

book_verts_2019_changes.xlsx (61 kB)
2019 ORBIC summary of changes to rare vertebrates list

orbic_2018_rare_plant_and_fungi_meeting_recommendations.xlsx (415 kB)