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Rare plants -- Oregon, Endangered plants -- Oregon, Plantes rares -- Oregon, Endangered plants, Rare plants


This report on rare, threatened and endangered vascular plants in Oregon is a basic document in the process of inventorying the state's natural areas * Prerequisite to the orderly establishment of natural preserves for research and conservation in Oregon are (1) a classification of the ecological types, and (2) a listing of the special organisms, which should be represented in a comprehensive system of designated natural areas. The necessary ecological classification was published in the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station document, "Research Natural Area Needs in the Pacific Northwest," by Dyrness et al. (1975). This valuable reference also provided lists of "vascular plants of special interest" in each major physiographic province, based on early work by Chambers and Siddall. Under the direction of the Oregon Rare and Endangered Plant Species Taskforce, work has actively continued to expand and perfect the list of vascular plant species, to serve the needs of land management and natural area planning in Oregon, and of many other governmental and private activities.

Studies of rare and endangered plants in Oregon have involved a unique coalition of professional and amateur botanists, who have systematically gathered data on the distribution, abundance, habitat, and ecological requirements of some 700 native species. Coordination and leadership have come from the Oregon Rare and Endangered Plant Species Taskforce, and specifically from the Taskforce chairman, Jean L. Siddall. The Natural Area Preserves Advisory Committee has long recognized the significance of this effort and has encouraged the Taskforce's goal of assembling a list of rare, threatened and endangered plant species for the State of Oregon. In August,1979, it was decided to support the publication of an interim report, summarizing the present status of all the plants under review by the Taskforce. This list will serve as a working document for the many individuals and organizations, both public and private, needing information on the rare plants in Oregon. This list will be particularly useful to the Natural Heritage Advisory Council (replacing the Natural Area Preserves Advisory Committee) as it develops the Natural Heritage Plan required by Oregon statute. Ultimately, a detailed "Oregon List of Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants" will be produced. This current interim report is a timely step toward this goal.

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