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Land use -- Planning -- Oregon, Elliott State Forest (Or.) -- Management, Government aid to education -- Oregon, Oregon Consensus


This report is the product of a series of interviews Oregon Consensus conducted with parties and stakeholders representing key interests related to the Elliott State Forest. The Department of State Lands (DSL) engaged Oregon Consensus to conduct a neutral, third-party assessment for the purpose of gathering perspectives and informing a process and framework for decoupling Elliott State Forest from the State Common School Fund (School Fund) within the framework established by the Oregon State Land Board (Land Board) at its May 9, 2017, meeting. “Decoupling” is generally intended to mean releasing all or a portion of Elliott State Forest from its asset connection and revenue obligations to the School Fund. This report is intended to provide a reflection of what the Oregon Consensus assessment team heard from interviewees at a singular point in time. It also identifies key issues relevant to a decoupling solution, provides process recommendations, as well as potential next steps for the Land Board’s consideration.

The report begins with an explanation of the Oregon Consensus assessment process, followed by a synthesis of information gathered from interviews conducted, which are reflected in section 2, as well as section 4 of the report. The last section focuses on process recommendations for addressing decoupling of Elliott State Forest from the School Fund. Supplemental information is provided in the appendices.


An Oregon Consensus Assessment Report to the Oregon Department of State Lands and Oregon State Land Board.

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