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Oregon -- Politics and government


The National Policy Consensus Center houses programs that work with government entities and their stakeholders to resolve public policy disputes or implement collaborative solutions to community problems. At times, government collaboration projects evolve into a more permanent arrangement that leads to formation of an intergovernmental entity. This guide addresses the most common questions the National Policy Consensus Center receives about forming intergovernmental entities. The guide provides general answers based on the center’s years of experience with collaborative groups, but it does not provide legal advice. It is meant as a tool for considering the use of an intergovernmental entity. You should consult a lawyer about any decision to actually form an intergovernmental entity.


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Appendix-A.pdf (144 kB)
Appendix A Oregon Revised Statute 190 (Excerpts) Governing Intergovernmental Entities (PDF)

Appendix-B.pdf (67 kB)
Appendix B Oregon Intergovernmental Entities under ORS 190.010(5) by Type of Entity (PDF)

Appendix-C.pdf (2835 kB)
Appendix C Sample Intergovernmental Agreement—Coos Bay-North Bend Visitor and Convention Bureau (PDF)

Appendix-D.pdf (351 kB)
Appendix D Sample Intergovernmental Agreement—Economic Development Council of Tillamook County (PDF)

Appendix-E.pdf (5304 kB)
Appendix E Sample Intergovernmental Agreement—Educator Advancement Council (PDF)

Appendix-F.pdf (186 kB)
Appendix F Sample Intergovernmental Agreement—Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon (PDF)

Appendix-G.pdf (1749 kB)
Appendix G Sample Intergovernmental Agreement—Frontier Telenet Intergovernmental Agency (PDF)

Appendix-H.pdf (27 kB)
Appendix H Sample Intergovernmental Agreement—Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission (PDF)

Appendix-I.pdf (839 kB)
Appendix I Sample Intergovernmental Agreement—Mid-Valley Behavioral Care Network (PDF)

Appendix-K.pdf (317 kB)
Appendix K Sample Intergovernmental Agreement—Umatilla Basin Water Commission (PDF)

Appendix_L.pdf (518 kB)
Appendix L Sample Intergovernmental Agreement—City of Sherwood, Oregon (PDF)