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Nonprofit organizations -- Management, Nonprofit organizations -- Study and teaching, Indigenous people, Native Americans


This month's topic is culturally-responsive evaluation with Native and Indigenous communities.

In this issue, we explore culturally-responsive evaluation for Native American or Indigenous communities. This is the first of a series focusing on culture and equity.

According to “Leading with Tradition,” The Portland Metro region has been home to many nations including the Multnomah, Wasco, Cowlitz, Kathlamet, Clackamas, bands of Chinook, and more. Across Oregon, there are nine federally-recognized tribes. According to the Coalition of Communities of Color’s "An Unsettling Report", Portland is the ninth largest urban Native population, and this diverse Native community is served by almost 30 Native nonprofit organizations.

The Nonprofit Institute would like to thank the Native community leaders and researchers who contributed to this issue through interviews and publications. Sharing multiple ways of knowing provides us with an opportunity to broaden capacity for serving our diverse community.


The Nonprofit Institute (NPI) is a collaboration with community stakeholders and representatives from PSU’s College of Urban and Public Affairs, College of the Arts, the School of Business’ Impact Entrepreneurs program, and the School of Social Work’s Center to Advance Racial Equity.

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