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Nonprofit organizations -- Oregon -- Surveys, Nonprofit organizations -- Social aspects -- Oregon, Nonprofit organizations -- Oregon -- Economic aspects

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This is the first Oregon Nonprofit Sector Report (ONSR). It is co-produced by Portland State University’s (PSU) Institute for Nonprofit Management (INPM), which is part of the Center for Public Service, and the Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO). The ONSR team began tracking sector-related data in 2010. In addition to tracking existing data, the team conducted a survey in February 2012 to gather information important to accurate and current sector reporting.

This report focuses on three questions:

  • What is the size and scope of the nonprofit sector in Oregon?
  • How can the relative health of the nonprofit sector be described?
  • What are the currently available indicators for the social and economic impact of Oregon’s nonprofit sector?

Generating a basic description of the size and scope of Oregon’s nonprofit sector was in itself a complex endeavor, and required the use numerous data sources. The number of nonprofits and total expenses and revenue were drawn from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) data. The most recent data available at the time of publication is from 2010. Employment and Wages data is drawn from Oregon’s Employment Department. The most recent Fundraising Trends Report for Oregon and SW Washington (2011) was used to compare some of the ONSR’s fundraising findings with data from previous years.


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