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Frank Miles

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work




Christie School (Lake Oswego, Or.)



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The first of a series of studies of social agencies in Oregon. aimed at collecting and presenting data through the use of a sociological model, this project represents a beginning effort to assess the social welfare resources of the State.

Christie School, a small nucleated institution, was examined in terms of its evolution from an orphanage to a treatment-oriented care facility . Particular attention was given to the impact of historical events and analysis of these in terms of the institution’s life cycle. Impetus was given to the study by the crisis of impending closure of the school and events leading to continuance were recounted.

The model of institutional development created by Joyce O. Hertzler was selected after examination of a number of other models. Data were collected from a number of original sources and placed in the general categories of the model. The model was found to be generally static and lacking in specificity for the examination of a small nucleated institution.

A number of conclusions were drawn from the collection and analysis of the historical data. Among these were the tendency for religion to remain institutionally constant while other institutional factors seemed to vary in light of historical developments. The ability of Christie School to function fairly autonomously within a generally hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church was noted.

The force of individual personalities on the shaping of the institution was acknowledged and the communication process was examined in light of the school’s struggle for existence.

The impact of secularization was noted as well as the influences of various social movements on the institution throughout its history.

Much original material was collected, recorded and preserved by the project.


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A group project presented to the Graduate School of Social Work of Portland State College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of social work.

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