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Master of Arts (M.A.) in History



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M. Guizot (1787-1874)




The problem of this study was to present an intellectual picture of a man who is too often written off as a mere politician and a failure at that. In approaching the problem, his works were used heavily, though availability was a problem. Francois Guizot, the man studied, wrote profusely, on a large variety of subjects, including philosophy, religion, history, political theory, and education. All of these areas were covered in the study. His private papers and correspondence are, for the most part, unpublished, though the eight volumes of his Me´moires were extremely helpful. There are many good biographical studies of Guizot, though few of them approach him from an intellectual viewpoint. One of the few that does, by Sister Mary Consolata O'Connor, is not sufficient. The conclusion of the present study is that Guizot is an excellent representative of liberal French bourgeois thought, especially in the first half of the nineteenth century, who is too often written off as a reactionary or, as Douglas Johnson says, a mere frustrated politician.

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