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Female juvenile delinquents -- Washington (State) -- Rehabilitation



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The purpose of the project is to establish a data gathering system that will provide decision makers an information base on which to 1) Plan for current program maintenance, 2) Plan for program change and 3) Identify changes in student need as a basis for future Title I funding.

In establishing the system, two requirements had to be met. First, the system had to be simple so a person with limited training could operate it. Second, the system had to keep individual students identifiable to facilitate treatment and academic program planning. Developing the system within these constraints required the data system to address such questions as 1) Who are the programs reaching and how often, 2) What and how much are the students doing in the programs and 3) What and how much are they learning from the program.

The system is organized in three parts, each one providing graphic or tabulated data for analysis by Title I administrators, evaluators and planners. The purpose of Part I is to identity which students are participating in Title I programs. This part attempts to determine: 1) The total amount of attendance by each student in all Title I programs. 2) The frequency of attendance of all students in each Title I program. 3) The frequency of attendance of each student in each Title I program.

The purpose of Part II is to identify what students are doing in the program. Participants are: 1) Identified in terms of total amount of participation by all students in each program. 2) Identified in terms of individual participation in the Pre-School program.

The purpose of the third part of the system is to identify what students are learning in the programs. The means used to Measure student gains vary with each program. The four categories these means fall into are: 1) Graphs of academic test scores. 2) Graphs of performance test results. 3) Tabulations of the number of defined program activities successfully performed. 4) Subjective evaluative statements


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