William Becker

Date of Award

Winter 4-10-2014

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Master of Science in Teaching (M.S.T.) in General Science


Science Teaching

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1 online resource (v, 67 pages)


Web-based instruction -- Education (Secondary), Bioinformatics -- Study and teaching (Secondary), Academic achievement




Quantitative data from a completed year of an innovative online high school bioinformatics instructional program were analyzed as part of a descriptive research study. The online instructional program provided the opportunity for high school students to develop content understandings of molecular genetics and to use sophisticated bioinformatics tools and methodologies to conduct authentic research. Quantitative data were analyzed to identify potential associations between independent program variables including implementation setting, gender, and student educational backgrounds and dependent variables indicating success in the program including completion rates for analyzing DNA clones and performance gains from pre-to-post assessments of bioinformatics knowledge. Study results indicate that understanding associations between student educational backgrounds and level of success may be useful for structuring collaborative learning groups and enhancing scaffolding and support during the program to promote higher levels of success for participating students.

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