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Delaunay Institute for Mental Health, Community mental health services -- Oregon -- Portland




Today taxpayers (those who pay for services) and clients (those who receive services) wish the best use for the money that they invest. The public is not as accepting of generalities, observations or intuitive success measures of social agencies' performance. Emotional problems are costly. Often they can lead to loss of employment, inefficiency, break-up of marriages, retarding the emotional development of children and use of monies invested by other agencies, i.e., welfare, juvenile courts, etc. Social agencies, in response to the general public, are raising issues around what are appropriate measures tor evaluating treatment outcome. The instant study is one such response on the part of Delaunay Institute for Mental Health. The study. attempts to ascertain treatment outcome in the Delaunay program and at the same time test out the PARS (Personal Adjustment and Role Skill) as an evaluative instrument in making treatment assessment.

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