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The purpose of this practicum is to determine reasons given by former foster parents for their termination of provision of foster care. Research was completed through a survey of the literature in the field of roster care and through inquiries with personnel currently working with foster care programs in Columbia and Multnomah Counties. Utilizing the concerns of the personnel and issues raised in the literature, a questionnaire was developed which was intended specifically for former roster families currently residing in Columbia County. 48.9 percent of the questionnaires were returned. The results showed that fifty percent of the foster families who responded terminated their provision of foster care within two years, with an additional twenty three percent terminating within two more years, making a total of seventy-three percent who discontinued foster care within four years. Sixty-one percent listed "no longer interested" as a reason for terminating. This category included the foster family's own children's reactions; foster child related concerns such as age, sex, and behavior problems, and situational factors such a s recreational limitations, work, or school changes. An area of concern in this study was the relationship of the agency who administers a foster care program and the reasons foster parents give for discontinuing foster care. The data gathered shows that seventy-four percent of these former foster families rated their contact with Columbia County Children's Services Division as either "okay" or "good".


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A practicum submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Social Work, Portland State University.

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